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Dodano: 2017-01-30 23:23:04

Szczecińska Scena Komediowa - World-Wide Comedy: The Expat Riot- Stand-Up po angielsku w 13 Muzach

2017-03-2518:00:00 Klub 13 Muz, Szczecin

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Zapraszamy na wieczór ze Stand-Up Comedy wyłącznie w języku angielskim! World-Wide Comedy is a collective of International comedians living and performing in Wroclaw. For the past 5 years, World-Wide Comedy has organized and performed monthly comedy events in English. They've attracted a cult following of expats, international students, and English speaking Poles. Now they're ready to take their larger than life personalities on the road heading north... To Szczecin! Sviat Marinated (UKRAINE), or known back home as Sviatoslav Maryniak (still wonder why he needs a stage name), has been a regular at Wroclaw Open-Mic starting late 2015. Since then he has been host, MC, and a strong feature act at stand-up comedy shows around Poland. He has been performing in English, Ukrainian and Polish at various events, including the Multi-cultural Festival in Wroclaw. He put a lot of effort during the last year to earn the honorary and widely unrecognized title of the "funniest Ukrainian in Wroclaw performing in English". Brendan James (USA) has done it all: student, teacher, radio personality, listener, sailor, scrub - you name it. And now he's in Poland, probably applying to do your job as well. But before you hurl bottles and insults at him for being a damn dirty immigrant taking Polish jobs, will you not let him entertain you with tales of rejection by women and frustration with the Polish bureaucracy? And maybe even a poop joke? Will you look inside your heart and spare this poor man's life? Herbert Przychodny (COLOMBIA) is ready to deliver you lines of Latin humor, when he is not struggling with the side effects that cabbage has on his digestive system, teaching salsa with disco polo, or trying to figure out the difference between wódka and woda. Herbert has been performing since 2015 in Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw, been an opening act for international comics, and MC at open mics and organization events. Samuel Galindo (SWEDEN) is a medical student who decided to become a part of the local comedy scene in Wroclaw to share his issues in public, instead of attending therapy. The almost-coherent ramblings of this Swedish comic with parents from El Salvador touches on topics close to every human heart such as love, Cambodia, and Kanye West. Patient-Audience confidentiality applies. Keelah Rose Calloway(USA), an American comedian brought to you by the People's Republic of China. Prior to testing everyone's patience as a stand-up comic in Krakow and Wrocław, she explored improv comedy, professional acting, writing and directing in Ithaca, New York and at Cornell University. (It's OK to be intimidated.) On a personal level, she doesn't live life, her life lives her. And it firmly believes in the old adage that tragedy + time = comedy. She's still waiting for the "time" part to kick in for *most* of the tragedies, but in the meantime, she's learned to mine a few of them for comedy, and you're invited to join in the "fun"! But bring some tissues, just in case. Jim Williams (USA) is the founder of World-Wide Comedy, and is known as The Godfather of stand-up comedy in English in Wroclaw. A performer for nearly 20 years, Jim has toured the US and Europe as a mime, actor, clown, physical comedian and even starred in a music video for Polish rock group Trzynasta w Samo Poludnie. He has lived in Poland for 9 years. His physical comedy act Liquidmime has won top awards at Poland's comedy festivals (Including Grand Prix SZPAK 2012) and made several television appearances. Jim also appeared on Mam Talent as Liquidmime, making his way to the semi-finals. As a stand-up comedian, Jim performs in both Polish and English. His first show, "I'm Gonna' Mowic Popolsku" won several awards at Polish comedy festivals, and he appeared on Dzieki Bogu Juz Weekend and Tylko Dla Doroslych. Jim is the founder of World-Wide Comedy, and is known as The Godfather of stand-up comedy in English in Wroclaw, having produced multiple English-language shows each month for the past 5 years. Bilety do nabycia na: www.KupBilecik.pl

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